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This is the official Root Master download page that provided all APK and PC versions. Root an Android in one click with Rootmaster APK is the target. The Android operating system can alter installing any un-approved third-party app or inbuilt hidden features. The operating system has inbuilt much security level with added limitations and restrictions. What about a portable root software that needs not any personal computer to root Androids? The Rootmaster APK introduced to manually unlock the bootloader. It is so intuitive to identify each device and the running OS.

The Rootmaster powers you to discover the Android system and subsystems while benefitting in a number of titles. Any 64-bit and 32-bit ARM architecture inbuilt devices are compatible with the installation. The process is incredibly fast than any other rooting app.

Key Points to Remember

  • Rooting is powered enough to void your device warranty due to not approved activity term. This is because you have to continue the entire process at your own risk.
  • Possible to brick devices during the root activity running or the after rooting the mobile. This is unable to recorrect on your own if any flash tool does not specialize the device.
  • To immersive the Android device in the original state, you can unroot the smartphone. Do not perform a factory reset. Follow the correct unrooting steps only.
  • The bootloader will be unlocked at the finalizing. Then the Android system will able to alter and a single incorrect step causes higher risks.
  • Install SuperSU or any root manager app and remember to install a proper anti-virus software that better compatible with your mobile.
  • Enable "Unknown Sources" from the device security settings menu otherwise, the application will reject from the mobile.

Root Master Download

The virtual system altering brings myriad of objects and tasks into the reality with a successful root. Change almost everything in any aspect of portable Androids is activated at the end of the RootMaster performance. Gain much better UI accordance of the user's creativity, unlock the Android device to a wide array of mobile networks and the probabilities are endless in a rooted smartphone. Download Rootmaster APK or the PC supported "EXE" file is available here. The versatile root app detects the operating system that installed in the device and applies actions respectively for each device. Boost up the system performances precision is an added advantage of Root Master download. The SuperSu APK installation is highly demanded and the file has placed here to download free on any Android smartphone. If any error occurred with the Rootmaster APK, it is better to try the Windows package.

Change Log

  • Added new features, enhanced the root capabilities, the compatible devices database has upgraded.
  • System optimization function added.
  • Optimized to detect the device and the running Android operating system.
  • The UI of the tool and interaction improved.
  • SuperUser (SU) request bug fixed.
  • Able to root in a single click because of the domestic mobile terminal root.
  • Process root despite pre-installed security software running.
  • The previously installed recycle bin function has been uninstalled to restore accidentally deleted apps.
  • New permissions to SU support with a wide array of devices.
  • The shielding apps have upgraded.
  • The inbuilt system-cleanup feature has enhanced.
  • Modify some pre-detected bugs and now refreshed the entire root experience.

Services of Master Root

No more slow experience on your Android after utilizing the Rootmaster APK on the device. Easy use Google pay service or add many benefits are not the limits of Rootmaster services. The restricted Androids power up with non-approves apps while unlocking the bootloader and do more. Find more advantages of the root application from the below.

  • Uninstall any kind of bloatware even came with the official Android operating system. Save the internal storage as expected.
  • A privileged admin access to the Android system or subsystems of the device. This benefits you free installations from anywhere outside from the official Google Play Store.
  • Ability to do Overclocking or Underclocking the installed CPU for advanced experiments with higher resolution GPU.
  • The custom ROM installations activated. If you need to add more inbuilt features when the device doesn't get the latest updates, use a flash tool to store a customized ROM firmware on your mobile device.
  • Tweaking and upgradings are now in the reality.
  • Easy access to backup the system in a short while.
  • You will become the superuser of your own smartphone. Then remove or block unwanted annoying advertisements in a single step.
  • Ability to increase the storage connecting an external storage via the USB-OTG cable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Section)

  • Q: What devices can root with Master Root?
  • A: The latest Androids that running in Nougat or 8.0+ Oreo are not supported with the Rootmaster APK. Try them with the Windows-based application. If any error occurred, abort the mechanism because it is capable to brick the device in the next attempt.
  • Q: Does root using Root Master APK voids my device warranty?
  • A: This is logical. Download the APK file never voids the system warranty unless utilizing the root process. If an Android process the root using Rootmaster APK or the Windows app, it definitely voids the device software warranty but the hardware. This means you are still capable of claiming physical damages.
  • Q: Is the rooting and the Root Master safe?
  • A: Absolutely YES! This is a checked and verified application that have not any reported damages. Confirm that you have downloaded the application from an authoritative source.


This is another great development of the XDA developers and the total credit goes to them. "draganz" the senior member of the XDA developers is credited for the English version.

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