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Root master is an android rooting tool designed for easy and faster performances. Android root master is an alternative to other rooting apps released. Without installing on PC you can use rootmaster to root Android smartphones and tablets. Rootmaster compatible with Motorola, Sony, HTC and many other branded mobile phones. Download Rootmaster on your smartphone then root your device to get the full root access for your Android device. Whatever the version you download, this rooting tool is certified to root the mobile devices at the best level.

Important: Like other rooting software, APK RootMaster is not a complicated or a bulky software. It is a simple and user-friendly software that designed after a number of trials and software developments. This tool was available only in the Chinese language on its initial stage. Right now, RootMaster APK English version has been released for the public users. All the Android users can download English RootMaster 3.0 latest version from our download links.

Rootmaster Publisher Description

RootMaster APK 3.0, the latest English version is compatible with Android 1.5 Cupcake version to Android 5.0 Lollipop version. It is merely a click Rootmaster APK requires to start rooting Android smartphones. Download RootMaster Apk 3.0 then open the app and tap on “root” one-click option. No bricks or damages on any mobile device is reported yet with this rooting method. Therefore, user appreciation is highly credited but is advised to research before executing the rooting process. All the restrictions that are placed in the Android operating system are being modified and then allows installing not approved third-party apps. This will void the device warranty and you have to process at your own risk. This reaction valid only for the installed software only. You can still claim the warranty for physical damages. Utilizing the Rootmaster approves accessing the system, sub-systems and allows modifying and changing anything virtually.

Android Root Master New Features

Boots up system performances:

Root the system directly effects to boost up system performances. It unlocks the device to install a myriad of third-party apps and then upgrades the device performing rate.

Access more apps:

The limitation that added by the developers and restrictions are being changed at the end of a successful rooting activity. The Google Play Store became negligible with this performance.

Extends battery life:

A rooted smartphone can change the power plan systematically or even with a third-party application. Then the performing rate goes higher while saving the battery life.

One click root:

There is no any unyielding process to root an Android with Master Root APK. Just install the tool on any smartphone directly and tap the "Root" button. It is that simple.

Android Root with Master Root

Android rooting is the mechanism that releases regulations and pushes devices to non-restricted condition to alter the system itself. Once rooted an Android mobile, the bootloader will be unlocked. This is the only attribute that needs installing a myriad of third-party apps and necessary tools on an Android media from anywhere. Considering the success rate and the better compatibility, Root Master has achieved an unbeaten plus effectively mean. Master Root comes in both APK and PC versions to obtain admin privileges. A rooted Android smartphone unlocks for multiple features. It removes system apps while some occasions, install any kind of application from anywhere. An Android with root privileges only allows partitioning of the internal or the external storage. Unlock the device to a large range of worldwide networks database is another achievement. This is a light weighted smartphone rooting tool that works smoothly on Android smart devices.

Download Root Mater APK

In the Android OS it let you modify, delete or change apps that you installed into the system and considering data alterations, they are only in read-only mode. Master Root APK expands the capabilities with the root access. Once rooted Androids successfully, the advanced features will be activated. Delete or modify system apps, view hidden data and files takes notable criteria to explain what Android root is. Download Root Master APK to make changes directly on mobiles or you can easily use a Windows PC to install the Master Root software. If any error occurred with the APK while trying to root, use the Windows-based mechanism because the manner is compatible with a large range of devices list than the Root Master APK does. Bricking is the venture at the process. If your smartphone gets shut down while the process running or you disconnect it from the PC, the device will brick immediately.

How to Root Android Device Using RootMaster APK

Main Requirements
  • Master Root APK or PC version (Download the latest version from the above download links)
  • A Windows personal computer (If you are using Root master for PC).
  • Enough battery life for the complete mechanism.
  • Take a complete backup of personal data and important files.
  • A certified USB data cable that better match with the smartphone.
  • Install the latest version of USB data cable on the computer.

The Root process on a PC
  • Download Root master software on a PC.
  • Install Master root as a normal application. This will be downloaded as a ".zip" file. Extract the compressed file before executing.
  • Download and install the latest version of USB device driver software.
  • Connect mobile device to PC. (Use a recommended USB data cable to create a strong connection between the PC and the mobile).
  • Run the application and let it detect the attached smartphone.
  • Click the “Root” button and wait a moment.
  • Your Android device roots in a few minutes.
  • Install SuperSU or your favorite root managing tool to gain the best features.

How to Root with APK
  • Navigate to from your Android smartphone, scroll down and download Root Master APK.
  • Install the downloaded file following the regular app installation.
  • Take a complete backup and verify that the device running in a sufficient battery level. Over 60% is recommended.
  • Open the installed application on the device.
  • Tap the "Root" button and wait for the confirmation.
  • Once completed the entire process, Rootmaster will inform you that the process has been completed.
  • As the final step, you have to install a root managing tool. SuperSU installation is recommended but no matter with other compatible root management apps.

Video Tutorial on Rootmaster Download and Android Rooting

Rootmaster available in PC and mobile versions.PC version only compatible with Windows. Follow the tutorial on rooting smartphones and tablets using Android Root-master. It is a fingertip away for you to root the devices in a moment.

Disadvantages of using Master Root

There are some disadvantages in the Android rooting as same as more advantages. Find what are reliable causes to the detriment below.

  • A bricking venture is in. It is possible to brick the device while performing the Rootmaster or in the usage stage. If the device gets brick it is not possible to undo. You might have to send the mobile to a service center.
  • The software warranty voids. In any case, the device needs to claim the warranty, you will not able to complain. The good news is that the physical warranty is still valid for any rooted smartphone.
  • After a successful root, the bootloader is unlocked. You can access any system of the device manually or it runs automatically. The security level is being decreased. This will cause auto install dangerous apps like virus or malware.
  • The heavily customized rooted Android unable to install system updates. If the Android system needs to update, you have to unroot the device before installing the updated OS.

How to Unroot

Get back to the original state normally obtains the lost warranty. The entire terms and conditions will be valid after a successful unrooting plus the limitations and regulations will be added. Do not try to remove the root state with a factory format. This causes unexpected errors and in some moments the factory resetting may cause to flash the stock firmware to repair. Follow the guide carefully to unroot mobiles.

Here we go:
  • Install SuperSU replacing any other root manager tool. This is the recommended for Master Root activities. The APK can directly install on any Android mobile.
  • Completed the installation powers you to execute the tool.
  • Open SuperSU GUI and tap the settings tab.
  • The interface will display three main points in the "Cleanup options" such as "Reinstall, Switch SuperUser App, and Full Unroot".
  • Select "Full Unroot" from the window.
  • This will take a few seconds and you can see the notification at the end.

Tutorial and Download links Credits for APK RootMaster

Credits for APK RootMaster download and tutorial guide goes to XDA Developers.

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